Help Heal the Planet

Energy follows thought. By joining together with like-minded people and using the Great Invocation during the Festival Week, we are aiding the Forces of Light to bring about a restoration of the Plan.  Together we can help bring about a spiritual purification and healing of our planet. We can play our part in this by following these suggestions:

    1. For the entire week prior to the Capricorn Full Moon and for the two subsequent days (December 21-30th), endeavour to do the following things:
    • Link up with all people of spiritual intention and goodwill throughout the world using the creative imagination.
    • Eliminate out of your consciousness all negativity, seeing yourself clearly as ranged on the side of the Forces of Light; you are, therefore, not neutral in thought. Preserve ever a spirit of love for all individuals.
    • When meditating and invoking the Forces of Light, endeavour to forget entirely all your own personal difficulties, tragedies and problems. We have to learn to carry forward our work for humanity in spite of personality stresses, strains and limitations.
    2. Endeavour at sunrise, at noon, at five o'clock P.M., and at sunset, plus the exact time of the Full Moon in your own land, to say the Great Invocation with the intent to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting Potencies. Do this aloud when possible, and in group formation whenever feasible.
(adapted from The Externalization of the Hierarchy, pp. 225-27)


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The Great Invocation (adapted wording)

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into human minds.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into human hearts.
May the Coming One return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide all little human wills—
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the human race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

OM -- OM -- OM